Adonit (Black) Jot touch Pixel Point
Adonit (Black) Jot touch Pixel Point
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1,290.00 ฿
Brand: Adonit
Product Code: 847663021726
    • Realistically Responsive -  Create strokes as thick or thin as you want. 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity allow nuanced strokes, like an ink pen or brush
    • Fine-point precision - Draw with exceptional accuracy through a smart Pixelpoint tip.
    • Better together: Pair with preferred apps - Jot Touch works with any app. But connecting to a compatible app opens up features like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and more precision.
    • Shortcut buttons: Program the buttons for quick access to the functions you use most, like erase and redo.
    • Adobe Creative Could integrated: Quickly pull your files from the cloud, copy and paste between devices, and make custom color profiles with Adobe Color.
    • Palm rejection to create comfortably.: Rest your hand on the screen without making unwanted marks.
  • Specifications                              Compatibility                    Battery life

    Tip: 1.9 mm                                  iPad 3 & 4                        In use: 11 hours
    Length: 139.7 mm                        iPad Mini 1 - 4                 Sleep mode: ~ 1 month
    Diameter: 12 mm                         iPad Air 1 & 2                  Charging time: 1.5 hours
    Connectivity: Bluetooth